Tech Consulting

I have made the decision to turn this site into a focal point for all my adventures in technology! You can see a new description of my ideas on the Pasternak Technology Consulting  page.

This has come after working with a few different people on their websites and launching them. After just 2 sites being launched, I have had more and more people talk to me about creating sites for their organizations and businesses. The issue I have been having is that I do not like to charge money for something that comes so easily to me (for what I know how to do at least). So I figured I would start consulting work and help teach people how to use some of the site creators out there and how to manage their own sites. If I do this, it will be cheaper for customers that do not know how to create websites, or get confused with technology in general, I get to help people learn something I love, and I can make a few bucks for my efforts!

I also figure I will continue helping people with tech purchasing decisions for their home! More and more people are asking me questions like “do I get a roku, or firestick” or “what’s the difference between Echo and HomePod?” So I will also be happy to answer questions based off of what you need help with! Basic questions can be answered, but I also know that I can help people set up their entire home with the tech that they want/need right from my keyboard!

Over the next week or so I will be adding to my Pasternak Technology Consulting page and incorporating my web design and home consulting pages. Once this is complete I will be easily accessible to assist anyone that needs help with their technology issues!

At that point my posts will focus more on products for the home and at home web design. At my heart I want nothing more than to make a technology literate society so that people that are “in the know” cannot take advantage of those that are not! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have and I hope to have the chance to work with you soon!

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