Web Design Consulting!

Very excited about this and I have so many people that have inspired me that I had to write a little about it this morning! I decided to open a Web Design Consulting page on this site. Web design is not my profession, but I do enjoy it and learning more about it. I have really enjoyed teaching it to a few people though, including students of mine! So I figured what would be a better way to spend some free time then sharing my passion with others, and allowing them to share their passions with the world!

It is going to work in a very simple way. Someone wants a site built they just simply fill out the form on the Web Design Consulting page and explain to me what they want. I will then look into some of the web design software out there for people to use, find the best fit, and then email back with a quote that will include my fees (much less then any professional out there), fees for the site name (domain) and any other potential charges. From there I will construct the basics of the site, and put in the initial content to make sure things start smoothly.

The next step is what really excites me! I will then begin creating personalized tutorials (either live or recorded) to teach the person that has hired me how to maintain their own site without ever having to contact me again! Yes I want to push my potential business away by making it so they can do it for free! Doing this will allow me to work with a larger number of individuals and companies and be able to give more of my attention where it is needed. It will also save my customers monthly charges from an overpriced professional that can do an hours worth of work in 10 minutes!

Now I also know that there are some folks out there that really just do not have time to maintain their website and need help with this. For these individuals I will offer my services to maintain their sites at a low cost, but they will always have the option to have me teach them, or even someone else how to control it! This will be selective though since I want to pour my efforts into teaching people how to share their passion with the world!

If this sounds like something that may interest you, or you know someone that may be interested, please feel free fill out the form on my Web Design Consulting page and contact me for further details!

I look forward to sharing my passion with you so you can share yours with the world!

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